Making Short Films


  So, you wanna make movies?

If you've got what it takes to be the next Scorcese or Paul Haggis, now's the time to show what you're worth. Cameras cost almost nothing. Home editing programs let you cut, add effects and put music on your film at home on the laptop. Making a movie is easy. Making a great movie, a movie that means something, that moves people, that changes lives? That's another matter.

Movie making is an intricate process best learnt by first making a short film – the kind of short film that wins prizes at festivals and gets a filmmaker noticed, just as Scorcese, Haggis, Spielberg and George Lucas got noticed and launched their careers.

How do you make a great short film? Like great features, you have to know every step on the journey from script to screen: writing, directing, producing, getting finance and showing your film where it's going to get seen and remembered. If that's what you want to do, stick around, you've come to the right place.

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Making Short Films
The Complete Guide From Script To Screen

Making Short Films is an insider's guide to writing, making, financing and showing shorts.

Whether you are making short on mini-DV or are planning a potential festival winner on 35mm, Making Short Films will simplify the process – and save you money.

There are many problems, pitfalls and oversights that make filming more costly and time consuming than it needs to be. In Making Short Films we have gathered tips from the experts to help make your short a winner.

Making Short Films Book Cover
Making Short Films Romanian Book Cover

Now translated into Romanian and used as a standard text at the Bucharest Film School.